William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez are officially back together!

Sorry ladies!  It looks like Cuban heartthrob William Levy and his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Elizabeth Gutierrez, are back on...at least, according to the completely mushy love fest they were having on Twitter this week!



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The couple, who has two kids together, first met in 2003 and reportedly broke up last year.  But even after their split, Gutierrez consistently showed up in the audience of Dancing with the Stars when Levy was competing last season, fueling rumors that they might actually be back together. And I guess everybody was right, because yesterday, the two were swapping affectionate tweets for all their followers to see! Levy wrote:

Can somebody tell @Elygutierrez19 that tomorrow someone is taking her flowers

Q lindo q sepan quererte y a la ves ser fan de lo q haces y eres. @Elygutierrez19 soy tu fan obsesionado #1

And Gutierrez responded:

Girls can u please do me a favor??? can u tell @willylevy29 that somebody loves him…;) good night everyone…..

Everyday I realize mas y mas why I fell in ❤with u! Girls he is 1 of a kind his not only gud looking he's an amazing person w/ the biggest❤.

After receiving Levy's flowers, Gutierrez also shared a picture of the bouquet and tagged Levy in a tweet that read "Thank you 4 making my days so beautiful."

Wow, so much love! I guess (some) absence really does make the heart grow fonder.  And although I'm sure every woman in the world is disappointed right now,    I'm personally happy for them and their kids. They are a lovely family!

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Image via The Grosby Group

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