Latina accused of setting her fiancé on fire while he slept

From the picture, they look like a normal, happy couple. In fact, about six months ago Michael Gonzales and Gina Virgilio got engaged and moved in together. His family says he was saving up money so he could have a nice wedding. But something must have gone terribly wrong because now Gonzales, 24, is dead and Virgilio, 25, has been arraigned on charges including first-degree murder and arson. 

You see, last Friday, Virgilio allegedly set her fiancé on fire while he slept in their Alaskan apartment and then left him to die. 


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Virgilio's mother, Michelle, told reporters Monday that Gonzales was emotionally and verbally abusive saying that he must have had a temper because there were big holes in the walls. Gonzales' family has denied any allegations of abuse. 

Virgilio's mother; however, also admitted that her daughter was a heroin and methamphetamine addict and that just days before this tragedy she had won custody of her 3-year-old grandson. So, while the picture may speak of good and happy times, these were obviously some troubled young people. 

The couple had dated on and off since high school, but their relationship had only gotten serious when they got engaged in December. We'll probably never know what really happen, but it really pains me to hear stories like this one because so many lives have been changed forever in an instant. It kills me that these couple was so young and it totally breaks my heart that a 3-year-old child will most probably grow up without his mom. 

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Virgilio's is being held on a $1 million bond and she is under suicide watch. Was any of this really necessary?

What could have happened in this relationship that caused this woman to set her fiancé on fire? What do you think? Share your opinion with us by leaving us a comment.

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