Camila Alves's traditional Latina wedding dress! (PHOTO)

Camila Alves and longtime beau, Matthew McConaughey, officially tied the knot this past weekend and now the world is FINALLY getting their first look at what the beautiful Brazilian bride wore on her wedding day! And let me tell you—her choice is definitely surprising.


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The happily married couple is pictured smiling adorably at each other on the cover of this week's People magazine cover. McConaughey looks handsome as usual in a black tux but my eyes were immediately drawn to 29-year-old Alves and her unexpectedly traditional wedding dress. Though the model/handbag designer looks gorgeous (seriously, she would look good wearing a paper sack), I was very surprised by how conventional her gown was. Alves wore a white lace gown with long sleeves, a sparkly headpiece, (amazing) diamond earrings and even a long, flowing lace mantilla.

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Wow! I honestly expected her to go with something more modern and light, particularly because their wedding took place in sunny Austin and was modeled after an "island meets Texas" theme. Alves clearly opted to match her dress to match their traditional Catholic ceremony, which I understand. Besides, though I'm not a fan of headpieces and her dress wasn't what I originally expected, I still think she looks amazing--I mean, she and McConaughey are practically glowing with love and joy! So cute!

The duo is seriously one of my favorite celebrity couples and I wish them and their two adorable kids nothing but a lifetime of happiness.

What do you think of Alves' dress? Tell us in the comments below!

Image via People

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on Jun 13, 2012 at 11:41 AM

Its a little too much lace for me, the dress is beautiful but the vale was a little too much for me and I don't like how her crown was right in the middle for her forehead!! But they look so happy together and that's was really matters!!

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on Jun 18, 2012 at 2:09 AM

la verdad el  vestido de novia es inolvidale cuidado con ese amos al vestujdo


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