One of the world's longest marriages comes to shocking end!

The world's oldest marriage is ending! Well, turtle marriage, that is. After a very looong 115 years together, the two Giant Turtles at an Austrian zoo are refusing to share their cage together anymore.


The Austrian Times says that turtles Bibi and Poldi are officially calling it quits and getting a divorce. I know…I haven't been this shocked since Brad and Jen! Apparently, the two have peacefully shared a cage at a zoo in Klagenfort for 36 years, on top of the time they had already been cell mates at the Basel Zoo in Switzerland. But they couldn't hide their problems for much longer, particularly after Bibi bit off a piece of Poldi's shell and then carried out several other attacks until he was moved.

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"For no reason that anyone can discover, they seem to have fallen out, they just can't stand each other," said the zoo boss Helga.

Zoo staff even got animal experts to try and get the two to work it out through some counseling--like feeding them "romantic good mood food"--but to no avail.  Now, they're saying that Bibi in particular seems to want a cage for herself. Hey, I totally understand where she is coming from--we've all been there girl! 115 years is a long time to be tied down.

Employees of the zoo are hoping they'll be able to reconcile the two, but haven't made much progress so far. Too bad since I've heard turtle divorce is even worse than human divorce--you know,  with the fight over who gets the good cage and the insanely long life expectancy. Well, at least no one can say the two didn't give it the good ol' college try! We'll miss you as a couple, Bibi & Poldi!

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Archive image via CeBepuH/flickr

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