What's a nun doing writing about sex? I'll run to get the sex book of Sister Margaret!

If my abuelita would have heard me saying that I don't believe masturbation is a bad thing, that I believe homosexual unions aren't bad either and that I don't see anything wrong with divorce, for sure she would have sent me to wash my mouth out with soap and drag me to church to confess. And now that times have changed and society has opened up a little more on these topics, I wonder if her perception of these "unmentionables" within the Catholic Church would have changed if she had read the book of Sister Margaret A. Farley, an American nun who has gotten in tremendous trouble with the Vatican, after having written a book about Christian sexual ethics, which addresses precisely these controversial issues, criticizing the Church's position regarding them, as reported by the news agency EFE.


Supposedly, in the book Just Love: a Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics Farley argues that "women have found a great well-being with the auto pleasure –especially, perhaps, in the discovery of their own possibilities for pleasure­– something many haven't experienced or don't even know about it in their regular sexual relations with their husbands or lovers".

And to add fuel to the fire, she said that gay relationships "can be justified in accord to the same sexual ethics of heterosexual's relationships and acts" and that divorce is unfortunate but sometimes necessary.

You can imagine how the Vatican's complaints of outrage went up to the heavens! As it was expected, the Roman Catholic Church criticized Sister Margaret's work– who, by the way, is a Yale professor– saying that her position "is not acceptable" and that "her erroneous propositions could cause serious damage to the faithful" since divorce, for example, is "against God's laws".

The truth is it bothers me that the Church still wants to convince the faithful that these kinds of issues are a threat against people's ethics. What is supposed to be done then… if a woman is being abused by her husband every day? She can't divorce him because it would be going against God? Honestly, I don't think God would want a woman to be a victim of domestic abuse. So, it is time for the Church to stop pushing these kind of ideas to the believers.

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Image via Yale Divinity School

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