Can machismo ever be a good thing?

Latino guys often get a bad rep for having an over-the-top macho attitude, but it turns out that sometimes, that tough guy look can actually be a good thing. New research says that males with more aggressive features, like broad faces and square-jaws, are actually more likely to act for the good of a group.


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The results were found after scientists gave a group of University of St. Andrews students money for a game in which they could either bank off other players or risk their money to benefit the group as a whole. Half of the students were told that their winnings would be compared with the winnings of other St. Andrews groups while the other half was told that their winnings would be compared with the winnings of groups from a rival school.

After running the experiment, the researchers discovered that when given an outside rival, the broad-faced macho guys became more likely than average to gamble their own money for the good of their team. These findings, published in the journal Psychological Science, suggest that the stereotype associated with macho, brawny guys –that they're selfish, uncooperative and deceitful—isn't always true.

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Does that mean we all have permission to run out and find ourselves a male with bad boy looks? Not exactly! The study also found that the broader and more masculine a man's face, the less likely he was to cooperate with his group when told that he'd be compared with men from within his own school.

So the bottom line when it comes to dealing with those macho men:  Those guys with uber-manly features can be forceful and competitive…but they can also be as generous and nice as the boy next door. Guess it's up to you to find the right one!

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