Alejandro Sanz gets married and 5 other couples we can't wait to see tie the knot!

Love is definitely in the air! One of my favorite Latin singers, Alejandro Sanz, recently announced that he and his girlfriend of four years, Raquel Perera got married last week.

The couple made it official in Barcelona on May 23, then headed to Sanz' farm in southeastern Spain for the wedding party and their 11-month-old son's baptism on Saturday.  According to a statement released by Sanz' Spanish agency, the religious ceremony was held "in the strictest privacy."  

I'm so thrilled for the happy couple and wish them nothing but the best!  Now, I can't help wondering which of our favorite celebrities  will tie the knot next. Below, 5 longtime Latino couples who we can't wait to see get married: 

Image via The Grosby Group

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LOL Hey did you guys forget one last couple JLO and Casper!!!! Thats the first couple that came to my mind was...!!!

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Maybe I should write this in liiptsck across my bathroom mirror worth reading to every girlfriend, mom, daughter, sister and every other woman I know. I am sharing this with my college students today in hopes that as they continue to mature and grow they will recognize their beauty and appreciate the goodness within every body. As for the young men (or any other man for that matter), I hope this encourages them to support the women in their lives with positive words and actions.Love it!!
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