Are boys bigger bullies than girls?

Despite what contemporary culture and Mean Girls would have us think, it turns out that boys are actually more likely than girls to backstab other students! A new Australian study tracked around 800 school students and found that more males engage in the subtler forms of harassment known as "covert" bullying.  


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The researchers discovered the new information after finding that 72 percent of boys and 65 percent of girls of ages 14-15 admitted to engaging in that form of bullying, which typically consists of fistfights, spreading rumors and exclusion.  I have to admit, I am more than a little surprised. From my own personal experience, it's always (sadly) seemed like guys are way less prone to participating in catty behavior than female. But I guess it's not completely out of left field since covert bullying can involve physical confrontation, something we know males often resort to!

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Unfortunately, it's not like girls are 100 percent innocent. 15 percent of females said they've cyber-bullied someone on social networks, compared to 14 percent of boys--which is just as bad as covert bullying, if not worse.

While I'm surprised by some of the findings, more than anything, it's sad to once again see how rampant bullying is amongst both males and females in schools. Maybe this study will be one step closer for law officials, educators and parents around the world to help take proactive actions against bullying.  

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