Want to know what kissing William Levy feels like?

Very rarely do things happen that make me truly green with envy. What can I say? I'm a generally content person.

But when I read about William Levy's guest appearance on Single Ladies, the first thing that popped into my mind was, "What b$&%@ is going to get to make out with him?!"

Hahaha, I can't even lie--I've probably never wanted to be an actress on a cheesy (though admittedly entertaining) VH1 soap opera as badly as I did in that exact second.

Puerto Rican and Dominican actress Denise Vasi, however, does not have to imagine a thing as Levy was cast as her love interest in the second season of the show. Here's what she had to say to Huffington Post Latino Voices about her make-out session with America's hottest Dancing with the Stars alum...


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"It was exactly everything that you imagine. I heard William was cast and obviously I knew who he was—I know now everyone in America knows who he is—but I knew who he was because I called my grandmother and my grandmother was like, "Ay dios mio, William!" We knew him from the telenovelas.

How cute it is that even her abuelita got in on the freak out?! I loved hearing how genuinely excited she was about the hotness of her costar, so many actors and actresses try to play it off when they are cast opposite insanely hot costars, like, "Oh, Ryan Gosling? Whatever, kissing him was like kissing my brother." Uh huh, sure it was...

Anyways, I got off point. The story line involving her and Levy sounds genuinely interesting as they play lovers with a past.

His character Antonio was my character Raquel's first love and first sexual partner—she lost her virginity to him—so there's something really sweet about them reconnecting. But you know, the minute they do it's very sexy and hot.

OF COURSE it's going to be hot. Have you seen Levy?!?! Also, Denise is incredibly gorgeous too. They seem like a match made in TV heaven. All I have to say is that I'll definitely be tuning in!

Will you? Single Ladies airs Sundays at 10PM EST on VH1.

What would you do if you got a chance to kiss William Levy?

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