Would you give up sex for the perfect bikini body?

If someone asked you to give up sex, you would (most likely) give them a big, fat NO--am I right?

But what if someone asked you to give up sex in exchange for a perfect body? Would that change your answer? Apparently, for the majority of women, it would! In a recently released Shape survey, 68 percent of women polled said they would willingly sacrifice at least one month of sex in exchange for the ideal body.


Wow! Maybe I shouldn't be as surprised as I am but I have to say, I'm shocked. It's not so much the giving up sex part (a month isn't that long) but the fact that most women would do so just so they can basically reinvent their bodies. I mean, I knew many ladies were unhappy with their figures, but 68 percent seems like a lot! It's disheartening and sad to realize…but perhaps not completely out of the blue, as evidenced by the rest of the survey's findings.  

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One of the potential reasons why women are so determined to get that perfect body is because it's bikini season! The poll concluded that 82 percent of women surveyed said they felt overly pressured when it came to getting in shape for summer. And though only one in five would wear a one-piece because of their self-consciousness, 44 percent said that if pictures of them at the beach were posted on social medial, they would remove a tag or ask a friend to take the photos down.

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I totally understand not always feeling uber-confident, especially when it comes to bikini season. Who doesn't feel insecure every now and then? But no woman should feel pressured enough to go to extreme lengths to try and fit some ideal size.

In fact, if there's one thing every woman can take from the survey, it's the knowledge that most of the other woman on the beach are feeling as self-conscious as you might be. So why even let that interfere with your precious summer time? If you know you are being healthy and taking care of yourself, there's no reason why you shouldn't at least try to embrace your curves--both on the beach and in the bedroom.

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