The perils of being a single Latina

Every one feels differently about being single. At this stage in my life, I am 100 percent, completely OK with it. In fact, I kind of love it. Hey I am only 22 and hardly looking for a husband! But even if I was madly searching for my one true love, I can say one thing--he would have to pass a lot of tests, particularly when it comes to meeting my family.


I personally have always thought its harder dating in a Latin family because they tend to be more traditional. Now that I've reached what I guess is considered an appropriate marrying age, being single is a much bigger deal than it is in other cultures. My relatives are constantly asking me when it's going to be "my turn" and the boyfriends that I have brought home in the past have gone through pretty intesive interrogations, especially from my godfather who is as protective over me as he is over his own kids. Even when they are "in" with the entire family, it's pretty much understood that my male relatives will go after them if they ever do anything out of line.

And honestly, my relatives aren't the only ones who are tough on the poor guys. I will never under any circumstances introduce someone to my family until we're aready in a relatively serious relationship. Actually, I thought that was normal protocol until I was talking it over with one of my only Latina friends and we realized that the guys we dated and our other non-Hispanic friends always seemed a lot more willing to introduce any potential love interests to mom and dad.

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That seemed strange to us, particularly since when I have allowed people to meet my family before, I've always given them prepatory speeches akin to the ones coaches give to their athletes before playing a huge game. "You'll be fine, just pay attention, you want to make sure you say hi to my uncle, he's the one you have to win over," and "My dad is a big joker, be prepared for him to make fun of you," etc, etc.

But as annoying as it can be to have my relatives constantly bugging me, I've decided that it's actually a good thing that my family is so protective. It makes me be extra careful and choosy when it comes to dating because I know they'll be put through the ringer. Plus, it's kind of comforting to know that I at least have the option of sending my dad, cousins, and uncles after a jerk even if I never use it. Hey, a girl's gotta have back-up right?

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