Cutest prom story EVER!

Remember your high school prom?! It seemed like it would be the most romantic night of your life (although it hardly ever turns out that way). But the night was pretty special for one high school senior from South Florida, Harris Fishman.  


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Last summer, Fishman found a eight-year-old love letter from an elementary school crush buried in the back of his closet. The letter was written in typical 5th-grade style, closing with "Plez write bak so i know you feel the same." Finding the letter inspired Fishman to take action. He waited until it was closer to prom and then using the same piece of paper that the original letter was written on, he wrote:

Sorry this response is so late, I've been totally swamped for the past eight years. Anyway, I just want to let you know that the feelings are totally mutual and I was wondering if you would want to go to prom with me.

He left the note on his crush's desk in one of her classes...and it worked! She agreed and the two happy teens not only became prom dates, but also a viral sensation with their prom photos getting over 300,000 views.

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Awww! Isn't that the sweetest prom story ever?! I feel like normally, school rituals like those are overrated but it seems like these two were able to turn it around and make it an amazing night. And I love that they were able to rekindle their elementary school love! So adorable!!

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Image via Harris Fishman/imgur

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