Men really DO like dumb, drunk women!

Science has done many things for the human race over the years—like provided us with electricity, given us a look into space and created cures or treatments for various diseases. So what its latest great discovery? A new study soon to published in Evolution and Human Behavior has found exactly what characteristics men look for when seeking women for a one-night stand.

Yes, you heard that right, folks. Someone actually went out of their way to "investigate" this crucial matter and their absolutely groundbreaking and scientific research found a list of 88 traits that men look for on their mission for casual sex. And what did the test of their sexual exploitability hypothesis (as the fancy shmancy intellectuals behind this brainchild called it) find?


When looking for a night of frisky fun, men like their women dumb, sleepy and drunk. All of these qualities make women seem more vulnerable and "exploitable" and therefore, more likely to go home with the next male who comes into their view. SO insightful right? Another one of life's great mysteries solved! I'll totally be able to rest easy now that I know exactly what to do next time I want a random guy to pick me up at bar.  But wait--lucky for us, there are still plenty more pearls of wisdom where that came from.

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The (completely idiotic) study found that when looking for a one-night stand, men also gravitate to fat, short women who are touching their boob and wearing tight clothing – all more signs of vulnerability. On the other hand, they aren't attracted to females who dance, are too tall and skinny, have piercings, or appear too intelligent. Because obviously all these things are the opposite of vulnerable and might even be considered confident. Definitely a turn-off for one-night stands.

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Wow, who knew men were so hard to figure out huh? Women are so lucky we have researchers to do it for us, especially because clearly, females would no idea how to go about looking for sex (one-night stand or otherwise) on their own.  Now I know all I have to do is gain a few pounds, wear a tight dress, and grab my boobs while making sure to look tired and intoxicated. Thanks science!

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