It's time for more oral sex!

Are you going to tell me that there's not a taboo around oral sex? Don't deny it or get square about it, 'cause all men love to give it and to receive it.

Some women, like me, like it less (I have friends who love it, but I we'll talk about them another day) and when this subject comes up in a conversation among married friends all I hear is: "Ay! I don't feel like it!" 


Why the f*** not? Is it that we are so exhausted that plain old regular sex uses up every last bit of energy we have left? Has oral sex basically become an extra reserved only for special occasions?

Men give us oral sex because they like it; we do it because we have to return the favor. 

But, truth be told, I really wish I enjoyed it more, both to keep my husband happy and so that he knows that I love him with all my heart and my body. But, above all, I would like to do it well because the truth is that I am far from being a professional and--it's not like I want to become the "fellatio queen"--I just don't want to feel like I'm drowning during the task.

So then, here are some tips in case you want to join the challenge.

1. The first thing that we are going to need is enthusiasm. I think that if our partner left it in our hands we would prefer kisses and cuddling. In short, we don't really want to do much work. We need to get into it, to be all like: "I'm dying to go down on you!" Something along those lines.

2. Learn how to breathe. The thing is that you have to inhale and exhale through the nose, you know, to avoid choking. I have understood from the experts that it's almost the same breathing we practice in yoga (or Pilates) classes.

3. Be sponataneous. Birthdays or anniversaries don't count. Just pick a normal weekday to take him by surprise. 

4. Smell good. Being recently bathed and perfumed helps. A lot.

5. Comfort is key. If my knees are hurting, I will not be able to concentrate. In bed it is almost impossible to maneuver, since it could be my arm, or my neck, or the hair falling in my face, or that the necklace in my mouth, etc. Pick a good position and make yourself comfy for the long haul.

6. Let it be known that you don't like to be pressured. Let him know that under no circumstance is he to take hold of your head and/or push you down. 

7. Use your hands. What experts advise is to move up and down with your hands in a circular motion. Be careful with your nails, because that love scene can become a terror flick really quickly.

8. No biting. Unless your partner likes it.

9. Try to look into his eyes while you do it. At least for short moments.

I had a long chat with two women and I believe that I already convinced them to run home, put their children to bed, and get it on tonight. Will you?

Do you dare to put this into practice? Remember that you can also exchange it for favors!

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