New Tumblr answers age old question: Yo, Should I Dump This A**hole?

How do you know if and when it's time to break up with your significant other? Do you call your mom, talk about it with your friends, or just go with your gut? Well whatever your method is, now there's a completely different way to figure it out--by visiting the new Tumblr account "Yo, Should I Dump This A**hole."


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No, I'm not joking! The site is exactly what it sounds like, basically a hilariously sarcastic forum for individuals wondering if it's time to move on from their current relationship. People post their problems, anonymously describing the specific qualities they like and dislike about their partners, and are offered mostly mocking (but always funny!) advice in return.

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Sometimes, the problems extend past romantic problems and to a-holes in general. And then there are those who pretty much miss the point altogether and only use it to brag about how happy they are in their relationship…which normally results in a reaction like this:

-Anonymous asked: My boyfriend is the only non-sexist guy I've ever met. Just felt like bragging. :) I didn't even think it was possible before I met him!


HAHA! You just gotta love the Internet these days--just think, without it, we might actually have to make up our own minds!

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