Recently, we found out what it is women really want from sex but now, we're also learning what they don't want. In honor of National Women's Health Week, condom maker company Sir Richard's is raising awareness about the potentially harmful chemicals  frequently found in condoms and lubricants by asking ladies everywhere to let the world know exactly what their "Vagina Rules" are.

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The campaign includes posters (mostly around New York City) and hilarious videos, like the one below, in which the chemical-free company calls upon women to share their personal "rules about what they won't put in their vagina"--besides the spermicide, parabens, and glycerin that can be found in the products of other popular contraceptive brands.

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In order to help the cause, women are gladly sharing their personal rules about the things they would never let anywhere near their lady parts. As seen in this insanely funny video, this apparently includes investment bankers, bowlers, street performers, and for one lady, someone named Brad (poor Brad!). And there's plenty more "rules" to be discovered…

Watch the entirety of Sir Richard's HYSTERICAL "Vagina Rules" below:

Do you agree with any of the rules in the video? Tell us in the comments below!

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Hilarious!!!! I'd like to add: Guys who seriously engage in reenacments of any kind, dudes addicted to World of Warcraft, anyone who can't cook a decent meal (just one, it's not that hard!) LOL!


Oh that was good! 

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