How far would you go to show you hate your ex-husband?

Wow! Apparently a woman in Wisconsin was so mad at her ex-husband that she not only had an 'x-husband' sale--where she pretty much gave away most of his belongings--but she also flattened the tires of his SUV and spray painted it the word "cheater" and other various obscenities in bright colors. The front of her house was such a sight that it ended up causing a traffic jam earlier this week and police eventually had to pay her a visit. 

They eventually towed the car away to stop people from gawking and taking pictures, but left the woman alone since there's no law against spray-painting a car in one's own backyard. Good to know, no?


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The whole thing got me thinking that he must have been a real piece of work for her to feel so much hatred against him. Not a lot of details are known, except that she filed for divorce last July and that it became final last Tuesday, according to an unnamed neighbor. The woman also told the Superior Telegram that: 

It looked like they had a painting party. She cleaned out her husband's stuff... I guess it was her kind of relief, her way to get rid of her anger.

Yep! I guess that's one way of getting rid of her anger. Not sure if I'd do it that way, but she's definitely not the first woman to have an 'x-husband' sale nor is she the first one to spray paint a car or even a house--as evident from the photo above--with the word cheater. A form of public humiliation, I guess.

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I don't really think any of that would help me get over my feelings if my husband cheated, but I'm sure it must have felt real good for this woman to feel like she was somehow getting back at him for all the pain and suffering he must have inflicted on her. 

How far would you go to show how much you hated your ex?

Image via uuzinger/flickr


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