Watch this epic wedding proposal! (VIDEO)

May is graduation month for colleges around the world but one recent graduate got a huge surprise when she attended her school ceremony. American University student, Sarah Cooper, was crossing the stage to accept diploma when she was confronted with another life milestone: a proposal!

In this video, Cooper's boyfriend and fellow AU graduate, Sam Miller waits for Cooper at the end of the stage in a suit. "I have a question," he says before getting down on one knee. "Will you marry me?" At that, the entire audience erupts into deafening cheers and applause. Miller, obviously a little stunned, quickly accepts the proposal (yay!) and kisses her new fiancée before descending off the stage for pictures.   


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AWW! What a sweet and creative way to propose! It'll make for such a good story to tell their friends (and future children). Still, watching the video I couldn't help but think, "I'm so glad that wasn't me."

Let me tell you about my college graduation last year: I almost missed the ceremony after driving through Manhattan in hellish traffic and ended up jumping out of the car to sprint the last few blocks. With heels on. Yup, that happened. Needless to say, by the time I got there, I was super stressed and emotional--partly because of all the drama and partly because I couldn't believe the four years were already over. I think that if someone had proposed at the time, I would have probably started bawling... and not in a good way!

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Even if the situation had been different, I am just not the kind of girl who likes being the center of attention. The thought of getting married in front of my huge Latin family (seriously, there's A LOT of us) is overwhelming enough but adding a public proposal on top of that? No way! I guess I am just more traditional. I would much rather have it take place privately with just me and the guy. Oh, and he has to ask my dad first. Hey, that's practically a written rule!

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