Um, what the? I just read that apparently people with memory-foam mattresses are having to face the tough choice between good sleep or good sex—and more often than not they're choosing sleep. An article has come out that says these type of super-comfy mattresses are only getting more popular but the big problem is that they're not really good for sex. Well, I'm the proud owner of a memory-foam mattress and, I have to tell you, that is absolutely NOT true.

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I've never had a big issue with sex OR sleep, and I've had it for almost three years now. Seriously. What's the big deal? Yes, it's an extremely comfortable mattress to sleep on. I absolutely  love it and the fact that I can have my iPad standing on one side as I shift to the other, without making ripples to make it fall. That's a pretty nice trick.

But now some sex therapist is saying that they're not good for sex? Um, excuse me, but I've been just FINE in that department. Maybe she's just doing it wrong but, although it takes a little bit of adjusting, it doesn't really change things so dramatically that we have to have a public outcry about it. The therapist in question, Sari Eckler Cooper, says:

There's a lack of resistance for the knees and feet. And whoever is on the bottom is sinking into the bed.

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Sinking into the bed? Is she being serious? The mattresses are comfy but it's not like they're quicksand! At most what happens is that your body lowers a smidge more than on a usual mattress.  But, to be honest, laying on the thing feels so comfortable that I can't imagine anyone complaining about the experience—whether they're on the top or the bottom. I think she just needs a little more imagination. If anything, having a different kind of mattress should only encourage couples to try new things in the bedroom. And I think everybody wins when that happens, right?

Do you have a memory foam mattress? Do you find it comfortable or difficult to manage sex with it? Share with us in the comments below!

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Me too! I thought it was weird that people were saying they're bad for sex. They are just quiet, which helps...ESPECIALLY if you have kids or company ;)

The tempurpedic bed ruined our sex life. It made the angle more difficult, the traction more difficult, you sink in more, especially when trying to do it from behind, it wears you out more, it increases the body temperature, no rhythm. If I could, I would return the bed. I love it to sleep on, but sex, forget it.
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