5 Hysterical (and adorable!) wedding dances (VIDEOS)

When a friend sent me a video of a couple dancing a super-impressive swing dance as their first dance at their wedding, my jaw dropped. Who does that?! Apparently plenty of people! So I went on a search for the funniest and most adorable wedding dances, done both by couples and guests, in tribute to this happy day. These videos are incredible in every way—from tossing your new bride around to getting some exercise in to doing it right thanks to some strobe lights, they'll have you jealous and laughing at the same time. If you are already married, you'll wish you did this! And if you're not, well, let's just say I now have some ideas…


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1. This couple inspires me SO MUCH in their absolutely incredible swing dance.

2. The ladies at a wedding really got down and dirty in this Zumba-inspired dance.

3. Dancing to the classics and new hits, this couple shows you how to do it right.

4. Not to be outdone by the women, these groomsmen wow the bride with a dance.

5. This couple's dance is just downright impressive, complete with gorgeous lights!

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Did you do a fun dance like this at your wedding? Or do you now wish you had?! Share with us in the comments below!