Blame your ovaries for your bad taste in men!

I just KNEW there was a reason why we were all such morons when it comes to picking our men! Thanks to the University of Texas, we now know why all of us women are unreasonably attracted to sexy men we probably would've been better off never meeting. You know what I'm talking about--those bad boys that our Moms always warned us about.

Researcher Kristina Durante suggests that:

Under the hormonal influence of ovulation, women delude themselves into thinking that the sexy bad boys will become devoted partners and better dads. When looking at the sexy cad through ovulation goggles, Mr. Wrong looked exactly like Mr. Right.

Ovulation goggles--damn you!! Also, I will remember this term all my life. I love it!


How was the study conducted?

The researchers showed women online dating profiles that depicted either a "sexy" guy or a "reliable" guy during times of high and low fertility. These women were asked to rate how they'd expect the man to contribute as a father if they had a kid together. When they were near ovulation and highly fertile, the women said they thought the sexy man would contribute more.

These findings were confirmed by a second experiment, where women interacted with male actors who played either a sexy jerk or a reliable dad. Yet again, fertile women picked the dick over the dependable guy to be a better father.

(Sorry: I have to take a pause to laugh for a second.)

We are all attracted to bad boys even if we know they are not father material. Give me a break, hormones are hormones and everyone loves sexy guys even if their ways of exciting us--more often than not--wind up breaking our hearts. We can't get enough of them!

And now it turns out that we have to blame our ovaries for our choices. So if it weren't for our stupid ovaries we would be sitting next to whom? The guy we used to hide from during our college years? Or worse, the khaki pants wearing lame with his cell phone attached to his belt and pens in his pocket? Yeah right!

We like bad boys not only because our ovaries are playing a mean trick on us, but ALSO because they act like they don't care about us and that only draws us in deeper.

We like them because they are dangerous and this is irresistible for women who where brought up in conservative households and who feel pressure to follow society's rules (or mama's rules). We like them because they can lead us to places we've never explored and make us throw caution to the wind.

And mostly, women love a challenge! For better or worse, trying to tame or change a bad boy will always be a task we're up to, no matter how many times it's been proven that it won't work.

You never know. Sometimes bad boys turn good when they fall in love.

I should know. I married one!

Can bad boys make good father material? Do you think you can blame your ovaries for your really good taste in men?

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