An ode to my IUD

Here's something that I am absolutely positively not ashamed to admit: I love my Intra-Uterine Device.

No, seriously, besides my weight loss surgery, it is the best thing that's ever happened to me. In fact, I think it's one of the best things that's ever happened to women, period.

A new study has actually found that IUDs work even better than the so-called morning after pill as an emergency contraceptive. And, well, I'm not at all surprised! That little T-shaped device is seriously a miracle worker and there are a million reasons why I love mine to death.


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First of all, it gives us women the control. Anyone who knows me knows that I like having control over my own destiny, especially when it comes to my own body and the choices I make with it. When I first got the IUD, I was in a serious relationship and it gave us a little bit more freedom when it came to the bedroom. I loved that.

But then I started to love my IUD for another big reason: NO MORE PERIODS! That's right, I haven't had my period pretty much ever since I got it put in back in 2009. It's been a seriously glorious three years without the monthly visits, especially since mine were quite painful and heavy every single time. I'm on the Mirena one and it gives me just a little dose of hormones, which is what causes the "no period" thing that I love so much. If you've ever experienced annoying periods (and who hasn't?), then this should pretty much be music to your years. Nothing better than that.

This isn't even to say how much money I've saved in the past 3 years (and in the next two) on the pill and tampons. Yes, my IUD cost a pretty penny ($500) but that's nothing compared to paying once out of pocket versus monthly reminders of how much you're spending to protect yourself sexually as well as guard yourself from the monthly visits form Aunt Flo.

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Now that I know that the IUD is also an effective little "morning after pill" (not to mention that it's 99% effective in preventing pregnancy, anyway), I feel like I've won the lottery. It's certainly the best thing I've ever done for my uterus and, when I have to get it removed in about two years, I'll probably be putting in another one. Although I plan on having kids one day, I know that I'm not ready right now. And this little miracle is helping me to be as well prepared as I can be. And I love it for that.

Do you have an IUD? Have you ever considered one but held back? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via Liz Henry/flickr