If Brandi Glanville were Latina, LeAnn Rimes would be dead

Brandi Glanville, LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian--three "celebrities" I could truly live without. The word "messy" just comes to mind. Sure, Cibrian is a stunning example of Cuban manhood (especially with his shirt off) but he always seem to me to also be a shining example of craptastic male behavior. The whole thing just has bad novela written all over it.

It isn't within my nature to feel bad for reality TV stars (especially Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) and so I paid almost no attention to the ins and out of this cheating saga until I read Glanville's latest admission that she actually thought she might kill LeAnn Rimes--like for real, actual murder.

And if Brandi were Latina, she probably would have.


Glanville, known for being fairly frank, told Australia's NW HQ magazine:

I remember walking up to soccer practice and there she was with my baby in her lap...My blood was boiling, and I thought I was going to kill her. I really thought I was going to physically hurt her.

But that was the first time I saw her that way--she was sitting in my soccer chair, under my tent, she's got my kid on her lap and she's with my husband, and that was that little moment of total irrational fury.

I'm sorry, she did WHAT with her kids? See, whatever about stealing her husband, do NOT assume my place in my kids lives. Do not let other people think you are their mother and DO NOT behave as if I'm not in the room--because I am always in the room! This fury is NOT irrational at all.

I hate to play into stereotypes but I really don't think my Latina temper could have survived this scene. Some weird, primal thing in me would have snapped and I would have ripped her out of my literal and figurative place on the soccer field with fierce and frightening speed.

Go ahead, have my man but stay away from my kids.

Glanville goes on to say that everything is better with her and Rimes now (although this most recent quote should make soccer practice interesting) and that her kids love their new step-mom and that if they didn't, or Rimes wasn't treating them well, she would be in court in two seconds flat to keep her away from them. Truthfully, the interview sort of seems like a warning to Rimes--respect me and my kids or else. Come to think of it, maybe Glanville is a little Latina after all...

What would you do if another woman tried taking your place with your kids?

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