Why I could never be a 'Sister Wife'

I can see how it's just another way of living your life according to your religious beliefs, but I'll never ever understand how a woman can knowingly share her husband with three more women--or, for that matter, even with just one other woman. But that's exactly what the women of TLC's "Sisters Wives" do.

In case you don't know what I'm talking about, "Sister Wives" is a reality show about Kody Brown, a Fundamentalist Mormon and open polygamist and his family of 22, including his four wives and their combined 17 children. While the show usually shows the good parts of a polygamist family, season three of the show which premiered yesterday, will supposedly bring a lot of the turmoil and mixed feelings that are undoubtedly part of belonging to a non-traditional family like this one. 


"People think we don't get jealous (of each other) but the thing is – we do get jealous," one of the wives, Mary, told Fox News recently. I can only imagine...

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While I don't really give a hoot about how people decide to live their lives, I do have to say there's no way in hell that I could share my husband with another woman and lovingly accept that he has other families. Call me whar you want, but I'm just being honest. There's just something way too twisted about the whole thing that my mind can't really seem to comprehend. 

And, in my case, it wouldn't have to do so much with jealousy--although I'm sure that's inescapable--as it would with how I wouldn't be able to deal with the fact that my husband has more than just one family because we all know that's already a difficult enough job. Plus, how do you explain it to your children that daddy can't play with them today because it's not his turn to be with your family? I mean, it might not seem like anything different when they're little, but as they get older they must realize something is amiss, no? Then again, the same could be said about gay couples or anybody else who decides to have an unconventional type of marriage.

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That's why I don't really care to judge those who do it. The truth is that people are free to do as they please. For me, the question is not whether this is morally right, but rather whether I'd be able to have such an unconventional marriage and the answer is clearly NO!

What do you think about this family? Would you be able to do it?

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