Survey says: Money still can't buy love!

People say love is blind, but now there's proof that the saying could really be true –at least when it comes to finances. A new survey recently concluded that the majority of couples would not let money problems influence their decision to get married.

Most of the respondents said that finance issues, like poor credit or foreclosure, would not impact any pending nuptials. But there was one gray area –bankruptcy!  While 41 percent of the couples said that bankruptcy wouldn't change their blissfully in-love minds, more than one-quarter of people stated they would at least postpone the wedding. Less than one-third said they would call off the wedding in that case.


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The results are especially interesting today when the economy is not exactly in its best state and people are facing more monetary issues than ever.  Personally, I've never been able to understand why people are so willing to put themselves in precarious financial positions all in the name of a relationship.  I mean if you and your partner are talking marriage, shouldn't you be discussing any past or current money problems as a couple before walking down the aisle? By avoiding the conversation, you're just putting you and your loved one at risk.

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Still, there are some ways for couples to avoid falling into the financial pits--like making sure to confer about previous debts, creating a realistic budget together, and discussing spending and saving preferences before marriage. It's a lot of work and some of the conversations might be uncomfortable or tense, but in the end, it'll be worth it to protect your future as a couple. And hey, planning a wedding will be a piece of cake after that!  

How do you and your partner work out any money issues? Tell us in the comments below! 

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