Is the "50 Shades of Grey" trilogy too sexy for libraries?

By now, every person in America has heard of the now New York Times bestselling "mommy porn" book, 50 Shades of Grey.  The novel, which is actually part of a trilogy, has taken suburbia by storm with tons of women proclaiming it's the first sexy book they've ever felt truly comfortable reading.  But apparently not everyone agrees--libraries in several states have pulled the books off their shelves or refused to stock them.

As of now, libraries in Wisconsin, Georgia and Florida have all made the books unavailable to their readers. Why? They have deemed the work "too steamy or too poorly written."  Haha! A spokesman for Brevard County, Florida, called the novel "semi-pornographic" while the director of libraries in Leon County said, "It has not received what we would consider good reviews. It doesn't meet our selection criteria."


News flash people: I don't think quality content is what women are really looking for when picking up these books. Besides, what do they expect? The whole premise of 50 Shades of Grey is based off of the Twilight series--not exactly classic literature. If they really wanted to pull badly written books off the shelves, they should've started with those!

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The whole thing seems kind of ridiculous, considering the vast amount of novels out in the world that aren't exactly up to par with Shakespeare. If this book is making women feel more comfortable with their sexuality, why shouldn't they be able to buy it or borrow it from their local library? I mean, isn't that what caused this whole frenzy to begin with? That ladies FINALLY found an erotic novel just for them?  

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I'm not arguing against the fact that the plot line of the trilogy is pretty ludicrous (from the small snippet that I read online of 50 Shades, it seems the words "delicious" "all-consuming" "blushes" and "oh my" make up approximately 50 percent of the content) but there's a reason why bookstores can't keep the books from flying off their shelves –and it's not because of their literary value.

Do you think the books are too sexy or too poorly written for libraries? Tell us in the comments below!

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