Ricky Martin thanks President Obama for showing support for same-sex marriage and so do I!

Yup, Ricky Martin, you have a total right to be super excited and Thank You President Obama for affirming that all Americans deserve equal rights! Who said that love knows any bounds? And how long can we keep playing God with people's personal lives? As if we have the right to point fingers and decide who can and can't get married!

We're thankful to Obama and I think we as a country are ready to take this next step. And no, I'm not gay, but a lot of people very close to me are. Who ever said that being born a man or a woman would be the end all and be all of determining your sexual preference?


I've always felt that governments in which there exists no dialogue tend to produce countries full of uneducated followers and Barack Obama has just proven that he understands that prudish sensibilities hurt a large portion of the population. He's taken a step towards removing homophobia as a platform for politicians to lean on and seek support from.

When I read thisTweet: ".@BarackObama gracias por afirmar q TODOS los americanos merecen sus derechos X igual.Historico! Q orgullo ser su anfitrion el proximo lunes" (sic) and in Spanish, I got super emotional. I'm so happy that Ricky Martin keeps on sticking up for and representing all of us and that he does it in our language, in HIS language! 

And yes, Barack Obama could not find a better or more respected Latino supporter than Ricky Martin when it comes to these issues. He's a man with consummate integrity, sensitivity and intelligence who just happens to be homosexual. 

If there is anything as dangerous as ignorance, it's hypocrisy and among those who refuse to accept the fact that homosexuals deserve equal rights there are a ton of hypocrites. So I say, Bravo Obama and Bravo Ricky!

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