7-day Sex challenge: Second chances!

Taking the lead, as I mentioned before, is no issue for my husband.  So day five went well. He had another chance to take the leade and no major changes were needed since he is very good at what he does.

We were out and about at a party, so we were in a festive mood after having shared a nice afternoon of good food and the company of some great friends. 

Today's challenge was not so eventful, but it was the perfect ending to a great day--the kind of sex that just seals the deal and says thank you for sharing a wonderful day with me. At least that was my point of view, he may have just been thinking like a man & taking advantage of the fact that I was freshly shaven! 

The next day I got my second chance to take control.  How do you think I did?


Since we all now know how badly I failed in my day to take charge the first time, I really had to step it up. So with goodie bag in hand, a higher level of initiative and maybe an energy drink (or two), I was going to do this!

What I have learned through the years is that any form of control I take is a major turn on for him. Let's face it ladies, we all need to feel desired at some pointed and our men, as manly as they are, need to know we want them. 

I needed to score major points this time around so I went straight for what I knew would score for me. He can't resist little love bites on his back, so I nibbled my way from top to bottom. Based on his responses, I knew I was off to a good start.

I thought about returning the favor of that fabulous massage he gave me, but decided to go with something better. I pulled out the flavored whipped cream with rainbow colored sprinkles and let me tell you, making dessert has never been so much fun!

I'll keep all the other sweet details to myself, but let's just say I redeemed myself and day six was a total hit! 

Do you like to take charge in the bedroom? Have a go-to move? Share in the comments below!

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