7-day Sex challenge: Weekend Update!

What do you think your partner wants? It was your turn to make sparks fly today if you are a part of our 7-day sex challenge. So, how did it go?

Me first: Ladies, this one was not an easy one for me--not because my husband is not worthy or because I don't know what he wants--he is very clear about his likes.  My issues are more about my inability to stop myself from constantly thinking about the million-and-one things I have going on throughout the day. I am not consistent about setting a special time for him and I need to learn how do that better. I  am also constantly battling my body's overwhelming desire to just pass out and go to sleep rather than using the last hours of the day to share some quality time with my husband. Unfortunately, sleep always wins in my house.



So as much as it was discussed, as much as he was so looking forward to it and as much as I mentally wanted to do this, I failed him and missed out on what I'm sure would've been a great opportunity. Day three was a bust.  I will definitely have to bring my best game tomorrow.

Day 4: Get out of the house! 

Today you were supposed to decide together where your "getaway for the day" will be and invite your spouse to go with you via a sexy text.

For day four, my husband and I decided to put off the "getaway for a day" since we were already committed to a weekend full of events. We, did not, however, put off the fun and play.

We began the day with all the built up passion and desire left over from the night before. Just as the recent ¿Que Mas? post pointed out: Morning sex is AWESOME! Top that with it being a weekend morning and O-M-G! I was in heaven. No need to rush, no fighting sleepiness, no trying to fit it in to the day's schedule.  It was the perfect start to the day and set a wonderful tone for both of us.

Reality quickly set in as our little human alarm clock, a.k.a our 4-year-old burst in to our room shortly thereafter. We were zapped back into our Mommy and Daddy roles immediately, but hey, it was great while it lasted! 

Next up is Day 5: His last chance!!! Stay tuned to see how the rest of the week turned out...

Image via lexibani/flickr

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