Your man needs cuddling more than you, research says

Here's some news that will make your heart stop: despite the popular myth that men don't like the cuddle, new research has revealed that men actually need kissing and cuddling more than women do to be happy in a physical relationship.

Um what?! I guess if your hubby is having a bad day, the kind of comfort he really needs is for you to hold him. Are you surprised? 


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This is all according to a new extensive survey published by the Kinsey Institute in the Archives of Sexual Behavior as reported by Men's Fitness. Basically, kissing and cuddling is important to men for the satisfaction of the relationship while for women these activities are only important to enhancing their sex life.

Since the survey of over 1,000 middle-aged men and women involved couples that had mainly been together with their partners for 25 years or more, this basically means that men need cuddling more throughout long-term relationships. And while most of the couples were happy with the relationships, men reported greater relationship satisfaction while women reported more sexual satisfaction. So much for all those stereotypes about men wanting more sex! It seems that, in the long term, it's actually women who feel this way. 

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Maybe I shouldn't be terribly shocked by this, but the findings are definitely pretty different than what I (and the researchers) would have originally assumed. It's something that I am definitely going to have to consider going forward--especially if my man ever pretends that he doesn't want to cuddle. I'll know that, at least according to this new research, he probably wants it more than I do.

Do you think this is true? Does your man need cuddling more than you do?

Image via apocalyptic_brain_eater/flickr