I am having sex with my husband for 7 days straight, no matter what!

I guess I should explain: I am taking the Lifetime 7 Day Sex Challenge--I have to have sex for 7 consecutive days. No breaks, no excuses. This challenge is not for wimps.

Needless to say, my husband did not need any convincing with this challenge. We spoke about it when I saw the previews for the show (which airs on Thursday nights at 10 p.m.) and thought it would be a great way to boost the libido I seem to have lost.



I must say watching the show was a step in the right direction because all this "let's go have sex" talk is exciting me! Each night has a "challenge." The first night: anything goes!

We began our night by setting the mood in the bedroom, something we rarely take the time to do, especially on a weeknight. We lit a candle, turned on the "love" music, warmed some massage oil, and I became the lucky recipient of the most amazing, relaxing, attentive massage. He knows that most of my "not tonight, baby" excuses come from sheer exhaustion and an endless to-do list. So his goal was to make me forget about it all and turn my usual "no" to a "take whatever you want"!

Needless to say Day 1 was a huge success. I actually really enjoyed it because he found a way to bring me back into the moment and indulge in it. With my mind and body at ease, the result was a very happy man!

Day 1 down - 6 more to go!  

Our next challenge: He's On Top!--He takes the lead & I have to go along for the ride!  He was hinting at some video he wants to show me--uh, oh ladies, wish me luck! 

To be continued...

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