Hot Latin guys cook! New report claims that more men are in the kitchen today

As a Latina who's pretty food obsessed, I don't think I could have been any happier by a new report that says Generation X men are spending more time in the kitchen. Ever since my papi taught me how to make scrambled eggs as a child, I have dreamed of marrying a man who shares my love and passion for food. It's not enough that I love tackling my abuela's recipes in the kitchen. I want a man who'll enjoy doing the same thing—especially on the days that I'm too tired or sick to do it myself! Turns out I was making just the right kind of wish, since it turns out that more men are cooking up a storm these days.


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The report was composed of data collected for the Longitudinal Study of American Youth and found that Gen X adults spend more time shopping and cooking food, watching cooking shows on TV and talking to their friends about food or cooking. In all honestly, I think that this applies even more when you think of Generation Y—my peers—who are all pretty obsessed with food and cooking, too. Study author Jon Miller, director of the International Center for the Advancement of Scientific Literacy in the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan, explains his findings:

Generation X adults view life as a smorgasbord and have a little bit of everything in terms of food. Men have fun in the kitchen," says Miller. "I was surprised by how often they shop and cook. If men just happened to wander into the kitchen and make something, that makes more sense, but when you buy into the whole process, then you're into it. Clearly they are into it. Males overall get something different out of watching cooking shows than women because I don't think men have as many cooking skills acquired young at their parents arm. My guess is young men are still learning basic skills. They are still learning how to boil water.

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I think men spending more time in the kitchen is definitely good news for all of us. Who hasn't been a tired mami one day after work and simply didn't have time to make dinner? Now perhaps your hubby will do it! I think one thing we can all do is keep encouraging our men to explore their culinary talents, even if they're still learning the basics. Don't get frustrated and teach him with patience, even if what you're teaching him is something as simple as making a hard boiled egg. You'll both win out in the end, when you can take a few nights off from your mom duties and let dad make dinner.  

Does your husband enjoy cooking? Have you tried to teach him to be more independent in the kitchen or enjoyed making dishes together?

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