Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber are NOT too young to be in a seriously committed relationship

You know something, I'm sick and tired of everyone talking smack about how immature and unprepared 19-year-old Selena Gomez and 18-year-old Justin Bieber are for a real romatic relationship.

I know it's hard for us to remember our teenage relationships. Most of us so thoroughly move on from the people who surround us when we are teenagers that our married lives feel light years away. But that doesn't mean we have to get all judgy when Selena and Justin act like a lovestruck duo and get all PDA-y with each other.

Of course the relationship that we have when we are 30-something and married with kids is sooooooo much more serious, committed and real than anything two little teenagers have, right? WRONG! I say this with absolute 100% certainty because I WAS Selena Gomez, and well, I married my Justin Bieber.


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Ok, so if my hubby is reading this he probably spat out whatever he was drinking and is all: "Um, I'm NOT the Biebs babe, no matter how bad you wish it" but no, this is not some gross cougar rant.

I'm speaking up in defense of Selena and Justin's love because I'm here to tell you that I'm living, breathing proof that the relationships we have when we are teenagers CAN and DO turn into the committed, life-long, serious, buying-a-house-and-having-kids kind too.

My hubby and I met when we were just 19 years old. He was much more sure about this thing we called love from the get, while I was still sort of licking my wounds from a traumatizing high school relationship and wondering how I'd been dating for only a few short years and already had such a serious boyfriend.

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We had our ups and downs and even broke up for a while our junior year of college, but for the most part, we stuck together through the thick and thin until we finally (as all of our friends and family kept saying!) tied the knot at the ripe old age of 30. But honestly, though I'm glad we took our time and grew together--I knew he was "the one" a loooooong time ago.

Did I want to get married when I was 19? Hells to the no. But did I know that my hubby was serious marriage material? For sure.

That's why when people freak out about how serious Selena and Justin are about each other, I just want to scream "BACK OFF!" These kids are leading freakishly weird lives where they have been working like full grown adults since they were pre-pubescent. You sort of grow up fast when you're supporting your whole family. If they are finding solace and love in each other, then good for them.

Explain to your kids that young people DO fall in love. They DO move in together and sometimes they even have babies really young. My mom and dad had my older sister when they were just 21 and 19 and we all turned out just fine.

Age ain't nothing but a number once you get past a certain level of life experience and maturity. Am I saying these two are there? Um, no--I don't know them like that--but neither does anyone else. So if they want to adopt doggies together, pick out promise rings or even invest in a love shack, let them do their thing. Who are we to judge?

Selena and Justin forevah, ya'll!

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