$5 buys you a Facebook girlfriend—good deal, right?

I've never participated in the whole "Facebook relationship" thing. I'm proud of my friends that are married and have it listed on their profiles. If I was, I'd probably write it too. But when it came to boyfriends, I didn't really want to let everyone know when I found someone...or when we broke up, so I've always kept that field conveniently blank. I've seen too many relationships explode online to ever do it. But, should I ever want to do it, apparently now I can pay to be in a Facebook relationship with me. At least that's what countless numbers of guys are doing now thanks to a new website which lets you hire a girlfriend for only $5.


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I'll pause for a minute as you exhale a big, loud WHAT?!

That was pretty much my thinking, too. What is going on?! I wouldn't have been surprised if someone came out with a website to help you find a gift for your girlfriend or a new kind of dating site. But no, the site GirlfriendHire.com actually allows you to pay for a pretend girlfriend. Instead of going out there and dating, falling in love, getting married… you can pretend that you have all that online.

The question I'm sure we'll all thinking is WHY? Why are these guys doing all this? Why are they actually PAYING for something that they could get for real, for free? Sure, maybe paying $5 for a fake girlfriend is fast and easy--but how long is it going to last? And what are your chances of finding a real relationship if you're stuck in a fake one? I don't get it. I really just don't get it.

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I get loneliness, I really do. We all feel a little sad sometimes. And maybe these guys haven't gotten a date in a long while but, when it comes right down to it, a $5 fake girlfriend isn't even going to buy you 5 minutes of happiness. It barely even buys you lunch! Ugh. I am really kind of disgusted with this site and I hope that those poor boys will take their money and spending it on something a little wiser, like put it toward a dating site and find themselves a REAL girlfriend.

Would you ever pay money for someone to be in a Facebook relationship with you?

Image via Liliane Ferrari/flickr