Ashley Madison company wants to spread their adulterous ways to Toronto zoos!

Adultery and animals? Sounds like an unlikely pairing, but that's exactly the combination Ashley Madison, a controversial online dating site that promotes affairs, is seeking to make. The company is once again causing public debate by offering to fund several Toronto zoos that are in danger of closing--in exchange for naming rights.

Noel Biderman, Ashley Madison's CEO, says his company is "very open" to the idea and on Tuesday night, he tweeted about it, saying "You'll love the cougars at our zoo." Ugh, barf.


This is not the first time Biderman and the website have created controversy with their advertising attempts. In 2009, they offered to purchase $200,000 worth of ads on TTC street cars with the company's slogan "Life is short. Have an affair." TTC rejected the offer. Biderman has also offered millions of dollars in exchange for naming in other places, like the Sky Harbor Airport in Arizona and an Italian basketball clubs but all the offers were rejected.

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Uh, yeah for good reason! No one wants to promote your gross, disgusting morals Biderman! Life is short so we shouldn't indulge in healthy, committed relationships but just "have an affair?" Really?

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I honestly could care less where the company's ads run (there are super offensive ads that I don't agree with everywhere nowadays) but to try to plaster those beliefs all over a zoo, of all places?! That's definitely crossing a line. Doesn't he know that zoos are basically a giant playground for family and young kids? I hope for the sake of all visiting children that the Toronto zoos also decline his inane offer.

What do you think? Would you mind seeing the company's ads at the zoo?

Image via Ashley Madison

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