94-year-old billionaire gets engaged, wants 5 or 6 more kids?!

True love knows no age! At least, not in the case of 94-year-old billionaire Karl Wlascheck, who is planning to enter his fifth marriage with current girlfriend Ricki Schenk.

The supermarket mogul is the second richest man in Austria, worth an estimated 4.4 billion euros after founding the Billa grocery store chain among other companies. But his latest accomplishment has nothing to do with business -- Wlascheck managed to find love once again, announcing his new engagement this past weekend.


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Wlascheck was so excited about his news that he even jokingly stated that he hopes to have another "five or six children, at the very least."  (Wlascheck already has four from previous marriages.) The couple, who first connected in Vienna after discovering that their former spouses had died on the same day (weird right?!), will be married in the next few days.

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OK, I have to admit, I'm kind of a sucker for against-all-odds love stories! So I think the fact that these two haven't let their age—or whatever happened in their previous marriages—stop them from getting married is super sweet! I mean, why not right? Just because he's in his 90s--Schenk refused to give her age-- doesn't mean he shouldn't be happy as the rest of the (younger) world!  

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