Good news, girls! Experts say vaginal orgasms DO exist

While experts still debate whether or not g-spot orgasms exist and I'm a little doubtful of exercise-induced orgasms (seriously? Orgasms at the gym? Because I'm working my abs? WHAT?!), there is one big piece of good news: new research shows that vaginal orgasms do, in fact, exist!

News to share with the hubby, isn't it? Nobody seems to ever dispute the clitoral orgasm but studies over whether the g-spot exists and vaginal orgasms are real has been going on for ages. At least ever since science began exploring this x-rated field. Although the g-spot debate is still going strong, I'm glad to see some conclusion about vaginal orgasms, at least.


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Although scientists have been back-and-forth on this topic for a long time, the Journal of Sexual Medicine has published a series of essays about the vaginal orgasm that proves they exist and that past studies that concluded otherwise are suspect. Emmanuelle Jannini, a professor of endocrinology at the University of Aquila who organized the series, says:

We have plenty of evidence regarding the difference between the two main orgasms, clitoral and vaginally activated orgasm.

Although not all experts agree on this distinction, some are saying that the difference is significant and mainly present in the woman's brain. Beverly Whipple, a Rutgers professor emeritus, writes about the "G-region" (the new term for g-spot, since it's now considered a whole area more than just a spot) and how it differs in each woman:

[O]rgasm in women is in the brain, it is felt in many body regions, and it can be stimulated from many body regions as well as from imagery alone.

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Well, for me, it doesn't really matter much what science says. I know my body and what types of orgasms I have, I guess because it's all in my brain anyway. But it's nice to be able to turn to your husband and tell him what's what, isn't it? Thanks, science, for teaching me what I already knew was right.

Do you notice a difference in your orgasms? Do you believe that there's such a thing as a clitoral orgasm vs a vaginal orgasm?

Image via SimplyAbbey/flickr