I totally understand Lamar Odom & Khloe Kardashian's marital mayhem

The Dallas Mavericks dropped a bombshell yesterday when they announced that Lamar Odom would be put on the inactive list for the rest of the season. It's a pretty shocking turn of events, considering that this man just recently won a championship with the Lakers.

Oh, and he also happens to be married to a member of arguably one of the world's most famous (or infamous) families. There has been a lot of speculation about Khloe Kardashian and Lamar's relationship lately, and last week's episode of Khloe & Lamar was painful to watch because for the first time in their marriage--you could really, honestly see the toll that the ups and downs of Lamar's career were taking on their marriage.

I just want to say this to Khloe: Girl, I can totally relate. No, my man is not an NBA baller, but he also has a pretty volatile career that is sometimes exhilarating and other times just sucks.


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I'd venture to guess that anyone who is married to someone in a non-traditional occupation (hey, I'm including "writer" in this too because I own up to my fair share of work-related drama) has gone through similar stresses. Sure, it might be a little harder to relate to Khloe and Lamar cause they are talking about, like, gazillions of dollars and let's be real--they don't ever have to worry about the bills getting paid--but honestly, I can still understand the difficulties they are having dealing with outside forces exerting tons of pressure on their bubble of blissful domesticity.

My hubby is a producer/director and has been for years. Sometimes he's had steady work and steady income, others he's had to travel a ton, and a few have been a straight-up struggle. Over the last couple of years, he started his own company and while it's been awesome seeing him thrive and grow, it has not, by any stretch of the imagination, been easy. But then again, nothing really worth it ever is--right?

I bet Lamar and Khloe are in for a whole new ride now that Dallas has decided to cut him loose. I feel bad for him because he obviously left his heart in Los Angeles and though I'm sure Khloe is bummed, there must be a little part of her that's all, "Yay. I get to go home and be near my family and friends again!"

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Again, I feel her pain. I'm prepping for a move from the city I've come to know and love and call home over the last decade (New York) to a foreign one all the way across the country (Los Angeles) so that my man can have the best shot at living his dream possible. Sort of how Khloe relocated to Dallas without question, cause, well--that's her HUSBAND.

I'm excited and scared and stressed and I think Khloe and I, for right now, are probably in the same boat!

Does your husband have a hectic job? Has it ever affected you or your marriage?