Is the "Start Over Smart" divorce expo a good idea?

On March 31 and April 1, people from all over the country converged at New York City's Metropolitan Pavilion for the inaugural Start Over Smart Divorce Expo.

The expo is dedicated to helping men and women navigate their divorce process, but it sounds more like a great place to meet other divorcees. I wish a good hunting all of the attendees, but I can't really decide whether or not I should take this seriously.


The speakers on the panels include financial planners, attorneys, matchmakers and dating coaches, as well as celebrity hair stylist Sally Hershberger, who will set up her mini-salon right there on the expo floor. Like why? Do divorcees have more problems with their hairstyles? It makes me wonder what other kind of stands will there be, like Godiva chocolates for those lonely nights or maybe vodka.

But this is not even the point because the truth is that anyone who has ever gone through a divorce knows it's never easy. In fact, it's terrible, but let me tell you something, the cost of the ticket for this whole event is $125 plus $35 for the cocktail party. I say enjoy the weekend, skip the panels and seminars about "Moving on After Infidelity," and "Parenting Through Divorce" and just head to the party, have a drink and see if there are any other cute divorcees who you can have a laugh with!

The founders of what is believed to be the region's first comprehensive divorce expo hope it will become an annual event, and something they can eventually take on the road. Well of course they do, this is a business after all.

Ms. Baras Feuer and her mother, Francine are the founders of this expo and they say they got the idea after attending a similar event in Paris a couple of years ago. They acknowledged that there might be skepticism or resistance to the idea at first. But they say the expo is not about promoting divorce or serving as a mixer for people to meet potential partners, but rather about building a community.

This is the first major Expo of its kind in the U.S. and I guess the founders realize that with the successful and booming business that weddings have become, why not take advantage of the fact that half of them will actually end in divorce?

In fact they should start a divorcee life magazine dedicated to the life of the newly single--with decoration tips, alimony advice, do-it-yourself without the help of a man instructions, what to do with your free weekend every-other-week, navigating the dating world again, and such. Wait, maybe they shouldn't. Don't steal my idea ladies!

We are indeed living in a cynical world...and I love it.

Would you ever attend a divorce expo?

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