Khloe Kardashian cooks naked for hubby Lamar Odom and 5 other ways to keep your marriage spicy!

Ok ladies, I know I'm going to most likely catch a lot of heat for the admission I'm about to make, but I don't care, I'm coming clean anyways: I LOVE the Kardashians!

But my absolute favorite Kardashian, hands down, is Khloe. Maybe it's because we got married around the same time, maybe it's because we're both the babies (well, sort of for her) in our immediate families, I don't know. My love for her is irrational, but it is strong. I campaigned my hubby so hard to convince him that she is the least offensive Kardashian to the point where he actually watches Khloe & Lamar with me, voluntarily!

So, of course I was DEVASTATED when rumors started flying last week that there was trouble in paradise! No way could Khloe and Lamar be having marital issues, I mean, have you SEEN how in love they are?! So, I breathed a huge sigh of relief when she shot all the reports down and let everyone know that it's all A-Ok in the Kardashian-Odom household.


Thank GOD! Now that we got that pesky rumor out of the way, want to know how Khloe and Lamar keep it so hot (seriously guys, get a room, the affection is a little gross sometimes, just kidding, I love it)? Well, apparently, Khloe Kardashian cooks naked for her man!

I think this is a great idea, though my girl did point out to me the hazards of taking on such domestic duties in the buff (needless to say, frying anything naked=bad idea). Even so, I think we can all take pointers from Khloe on keeping the fires burning in our marriages. So here are a few other ideas besides cooking in the buff--which seriously might be cute, I'm thinking heels and one of those really frilly, 1950s style aprons would up the hot factor--to keep the spice (pun intended) in your marriage:

  1. Meet in a bar and pretend to be strangers. Make your man work to pick you up and flirt shamelessly with him as though you first met. Then let him take you home and watch the sparks fly!
  2. Share a secret sex fantasy with your hubby and tell him in explicit detail what happens step-by-step. Bet you won't even make it to the end!
  3. Create a body map. Draw stick figures of each other and mark in order from 1 (can barely take it) to 5 (a little sexy) where your partner likes to be touched most. See if you got the list right by putting your playbook into action!
  4. Send a sexy text. No, I'm not saying send an actual image of an explicit body part or anything. Just send a text telling him you can't wait until he gets home to that he can X, Y and Z and let him marinate on the image all day until he's back from the office!
  5. Read erotica. You know that new mom-porn book 50 Shades of Grey? Pick that up (or any erotica) and read the sexiest passages aloud to each other before hitting the sack!

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