This girl's last text to her boyfriend cost her her life

Texting while driving is not only illegal... it's dangerous! We've all heard it again and again, yet...How many times have you come close to getting into an accident because of this? Truth is, having your cellphone within reach while you're driving is a distraction and quite tempting when you hear it beep.

This seems to have been the case for Emy Brochu, Mathieu Fortin's girlfriend with whom she was texting when her car hit a tractor trailer while she was driving. ¨XXXX's¨ (kisses) is what was in that last text from Brochu to her boyfriend that evening.

Was that text so urgent that it couldn't wait?


To be honest, I'm embarrased to admit how many times I've sent a text while driving. When I heard about this young couple, I remembered an ¨I love you¨sent to my boyfriend, an ¨I'm on my way¨ to one of my kids or a ¨Kisses to the kiddies¨ sent to my sister when the last thing I needed was such distractions while driving.

That text cost Brochu her life. And Fortin was left without the happy and determined woman he was planning to spend the rest of his life with... a message of love that turned into tragedy. Fortin is left with the texts, displayed in a Facebook page he created in her memory, and urges people not let the same thing happen to them.

I am thankful that I didn't have the same luck as the young girl and that I am still here to tell my loved ones that I love them--NOT in a text written and sent while behind the wheel though! I'm thankful that I can, in fact, make the smart decision to pull over if I'm driving and must absolutely take a call or write a text... without putting my life or others in danger.

Have you too been at fault of not taking this warning seriously enough in the past?

Imagen vía Mathieu Fortin/facebook