Sniff, sniff: Did Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling break up?

Alright, listen up ladies because something major may have gone down recently in the world of Hollywood love.

Ryan Gosling asked Eva Mendes for "space." And come on, we ALL know what that means--am I right?

This is super depressing for me, because, I will admit it, I was totally living vicariously through the impossibly gorgeous Mendes' tryst with the insanely hot Gosling. Does it get any better? She left a 10-year-relationship only to land in the arms of Hollywood's arguably hottest actor, who just happens to be like, 5 years younger than her--um, can you say hero to all women?

But apparently, the honeymoon is over...


The UK's Daily Mail tabloid is reporting that although things were moving at a lightning fast pace during their 6-month courtship (Mended even met Mama Gosling, which is kind of a big deal in any relationship) it seems like the romance has cooled down.

"Friends" are saying that "Ryan and Eva are having trouble seeing eye to eye," and that the actor just needs time to "think," which is why he ran off to South Africa to stay in the One & Only hotel. 

However, it seems a bit suspect that he was spotted having dinner with a gorgeous blonde model in what was a suspiciously date-like circumstance. 

What's even weirder about this whole fiasco is that Mendes' people insisted to the reporters that everything was just fine between the pair, thankyouverymuch. But Mendes has refused to utter even one word about the relationship to the press--I mean, they haven't even confirmed that they were dating in the first place--so why would they all of a sudden feel the need to talk about her dating life?

Check out this video of the pair galivanting around Paris back in happier days:

Either way, I'm sad. I'm sure Gosling isn't such a jerk that he would just leave Mendes high and dry without a clue as to the status of their relationship. I just refuse to believe he would do something like that--but even I, confirmed Gosling love that I am, have to admit that it seems like something fishy is going on here...

Do you think Eva and Ryan are through? Do they make a cute couple?

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