Latino actors prove that beards can be sexy, despite what new study says

Have you ever noticed if you have a specific type in guys? Some females gravitate to tall men, while others prefer blondes. It's not something you're always conscious of, but it is a factor that can affect your choice in partners. Well now, a new study has concluded that women really don't like beards because they apparently make men look older and aggressive.

Scientists from New Zealand and Canada found 19 men with full beards who agreed to be photographed while making an angry expression. The pictures were shown to more than 200 women, who rated each man's level of attractiveness. In both countries, women rated the clean-shaven look as significantly more attractive. But guess what? We disagree!


After reading about the findings, which was published in the journal Behavioral Ecology, we decided to do some of our own research and we found that some of the world's most attractive Latino stars sport beards from time to time! In fact, some of them even look better with a little facial hair.

To prove we're right (and also for our own viewing pleasure), we created a list of some of our favorite scruffy celebrity actors. Enjoy!

William Levy, Cuban, Dancing with the Stars

Benjamin Bratt, Peruvian, Private Practice

Jesse Garcia, Mexican and Spanish, Sold


Javier Bardem, Spanish, No Country for Old Men

Wilmer Valderrama, Venezuelan, That '70s Show

Nicholas Gonzalez, Mexican, Resurrection Blvd.

Do you agree or disagree with the study?

Images via Getty Images, Splash News