Bachelorette's Ali Fedotowsky reveals why she split from Roberto Martinez

Many Bachelorette fans were shocked and dismayed after learning that Ali Fedotowsky and former contestant Roberto Martinez had ended their engagement back in November. Now, Fedotowsky is finally answering the question that many of her fans have been asking since the announcement--what went wrong?


In a new interview with E! News, Fedotowsky opens up about the reasons behind the couple's split. "For both of us, it was just us really trying to make it work and slowly things not getting better, and realizing we're trying to make something work that's just not working on its own," she said. "At the end we figured out that both of us were unhappy more than we were happy, so something needed to change."

Fedotowsky also admits that though both she and Martinez felt some pressure from the public to make their relationship last, their main concern was to figure out what would was best for each of them . "After we split, I definitely felt a little bit of anger from my followers and my fans and I felt bad about that but at the end of the day, it's just about I have to be happy, he has to be happy and we weren't," she said.

Fedotowsky is now focusing on future projects, including a travel show called 1st Look, which premieres April 14 on NBC stations.

I typically try to stay away from shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette because all of the fighting and drama gives me a headache, but I have to say, I respect the fact that Fedotowsky is being so honest and direct about her breakup with Martinez. So many celebrities take the easy "well, it didn't work out but we're still friends" route so it's refreshing that someone is finally courageous enough to simply admit that they weren't happy and that their relationship just wasn't working. Plus, it's great that neither individual let pressure from their fans dictate their ultimate decision. No one –woman or man—should feel trapped in a miserable or unsatisfying relationship.

What do you think of the couple's breakup?

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