The most embarrassing wedding moment ever! (VIDEO)

Walking down the aisle should be one of the fondest memories of a woman's life. Well, that definitely won't be the case for one Russian bride who, as seen in the below video, trips and ends up inadvertently flashing all of her guests!


The video, presumably shot by a wedding guest, shows the bride gliding towards a flowered arch to the song, "Bittersweet Symphony." Everything looks picture perfect…until she stumbles and falls to her knees. As she tries to regain her balance, things get even worse. Her heels somehow catch on her skirt, pulling it down and revealing her lingerie! Then, instead of attempting to pull it back up, the bride hurriedly yanks the whole thing off after the skirt appears to get stuck in her heels and sprints off as fast as she can.

Oh. My. God! I don't know whether to laugh or cry watching this video. I mean, I'm pretty klutzy in everyday life but I feel like the one day I would want to at least appear graceful is my wedding day. And though some people believe the video was set-up because the bride takes off her skirt instead of pulling it up, I'm not so sure. Why would you want to purposely showcase an incident like this to the world?! Real or fake, it's SUPER embarrassing!

Watch the full video here:

What would you have done in the bride's situation?

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