Things I wish my man knew were different now that we have a baby

Every person to ever have a child has heard this phrase: Everything is going to change.

Here is the thing: EVERYTHING does't actually change. I mean, I still like the color green and loath Country music. Yes, every logistical thing has changed--like getting out of the house is different, time becomes different, what I buy a the grocery store is different--but after the baby comes you are still the same two people who liked each other enough to, you know, make a baby.


See, there are few things that are going to change about your relationship that your man might not quite get:


What you realized: If your man is anything like mine (ya know, human and decent), he was very nice to you during your pregnancy. He did things like go to the store to get you ice cream every night or carry the laundry upstairs and go grocery shopping because you couldn't. He even managed to put a meal on the table because you weren't able to. Holy cow, he is really capable of helping.

What he doesn't realize: You now know how capable he is and expect a continuation of his pregnancy behavior. Especially while you are feeding and caring for yourself and a baby.

What you realized: Just because you went to every doctor's appointment together and discussed every pregnancy ailment/symptom including vomiting and farting, this isn't actually a good thing for your relationship.

What he doesn't realize: That boundaries are a good thing and just because you had no choice but to fart in front of him while you were pregnant does not give him free reign to fart anywhere and everywhere now. Stop it.

What you realized: You are Latina. You knew this already, and so did he obviously, but the extent to which you are Latina now that you are a Mami will probably surprise you both. Like you suddenly do things like put string on a baby's forehead to stop the hiccups and slip the baby Humphrey's for EVERYTHING.

What he doesn't realize: You are Latina, and he better stop making fun of you for taking the baby to a curandero because he has a rash. Seriously. he needs to just get out of your way when it comes to all things baby.

Image via Luz!/flickr