Would you ever accept an online proposal?

I'm a fan of romantic comedies. This year, on Valentine's Day, I went to see The Vow and, yes, I cried. I'm not ashamed to admit that I can be a hopeless romantic sometimes. Whenever I hear the story of an adorable proposal, my usual reaction is "awww" while my heart melts reading about it or watching the video.

But when I saw an online proposal that was all over the internet yesterday, my first reaction was "Oh, that's cute!" Quickly followed by, "Wait a minute, he proposed to his girlfriend…on a website?"

In a photo that went up for Leap Day on BuzzFeed, community contributor Len Kendall posted "Katie I love you so much, I can haz your hand in marriage?" Along with a blog post titled "Help Me Convince Katie to Say "Yes"!" and the Twitter hashtag #SayYesKatie. So did she accept?


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"She Said Yes!" was eventually posted alongside a new picture of the happy couple.

Although I'm happy that it worked out between the two of them, I can't help but thinking: are internet proposals the next big thing?

It seems that proposals are getting bigger and bigger these days. Some of my friends have pretty big expectations for when their day comes. The popular video of the "Best Wedding Proposal EVER!" that was circulating online a few years ago only fueled the flames of this trend and now Len and Katie's story adds another layer to the extreme marriage proposals we've been seeing lately.

For me, a proposal is a very private moment. Whether you're surprised or not (or are doing the surprising), emotions are undoubtedly running high. Someone is nervous, someone else may be shocked--there's just a lot going on in that moment. Why, then, share it with the rest of the world?

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I'm not sure I could ever do that or would want someone to propose to me that way. I'm a big fan of the internet and social media. I've been on Facebook for what seems like ages, love Twitter and Pinterest and generally have no problem sharing things about myself online. But a marriage proposal? I think that is something I'd like to keep private.

Do you think proposing marriage online is a good idea? How would you like to propose or be proposed to?

Image via BuzzFeed