Rush Limbaugh calls woman a slut for advocating birth control coverage

In yet another incident that illustrates just how little men know about women's health, conservative radio host, Rush Limbaugh, recently called a woman "a slut" because she supported insurance coverage of birth control.

Georgetown Law School student, Sandra Fluke, was supposed to speak at a Congressional hearing about the Obama administration's contraception policy. However, she was denied the right to speak by committee chair Darrell Issa, who only allowed men to testify. When she finally got her chance to make her case later on, Fluke argued that students like her often shell out $1,000 a year in pocket expenses for birth control --especially at schools like hers which is a Catholic institution and does not cover it in their insurance plan.  


Sounds like a reasonable argument, right? Not according to Limbaugh. As he sees it, Fluke was simply promoting having casual sex.  

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"What does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute," he said. "She wants to be paid to have sex. She's having so much sex she can't afford the contraception."

Later, he adjusted his comment, saying "OK, she's not a slut. She's round-heeled," which is an old-fashioned term for promiscuity.

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Ugh. Am I the only one who wants to punch this guy in the face? Where does he get off passing judgment on a girl who he knows absolutely nothing about and who, by the way, is TOTALLY RIGHT? Taking birth control is not slutty, it's smart. It means females are taking initiative in protecting their bodies and keeping themselves safe.

Plus, not being able to afford birth control has nothing to do with "having too much sex"! It's not like one woman takes more pills than another based on their sexual activity--not to mention that tons of girls take them for health issues and not contraceptive reasons. The only reason many women can't afford birth control is because it's super expensive! Without insurance coverage, my own birth control goes for approximately $100 per month. That's insane!

Sexist, outdated attitudes like Limbaugh's are exactly why lots of teen girls are afraid to ask about sex or birth control. They're afraid they will be labeled or met with hostility. So they don't ask, they have sex anyway, and many end up becoming teenage mothers….which in turn leads to even more judgment, especially in the Latina community. It's a vicious cycle that should absolutely not be tolerated and definitely needs to be changed. I am proud and grateful that women like Fluke are brave enough to stand up for what they believe in.

What do you think of what Limbaugh said? Do you agree or disagree with Fluke?

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