Will you be asking a guy out for Sadie Hawkin's Day?

Ladies, have you had your eye on a certain someone but are just too shy to act on it? Well, today's the perfect day to make your first move!  It's not only Leap Day…it's also Sadie Hawkins Day, a time for women to take control over their love lives and ask out the guy they desire!


The (semi) holiday originated from Al Capp's famous hillbilly comic strip, Li'l Abner, which centered around "the homeliest gal in all them hills," Sadie Hawkins. In the comic, Hawkins grows anxious waiting for suitors. Finally, when she reaches the age of 35, her father decides to take action by declaring a "Sadie Hawkins Day" in which Hawkins literally runs after the unmarried men of her town and marries the one she catches.

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It has has since become a fun, real-life tradition. Schools and universities around the world hold Sadie Hawkins dances, in which girls must ask the boys out to get dates. And in the past, February 29th was the one time when women were allowed to propose marriage to men.

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I love the idea of this, although I don't really think a specific day is necessary. Women should feel absolutely free to ask a guy out whenever, if they feel inclined to do so. And think of how cute a story it would make if you did it on Sadie Hawkins Day! My high school and college never had a Sadie Hawkins dance, but one of my friends bravely participated in one at her school and she ended up dating the guy for a few months! Apparently, he had absolutely no idea that she liked him. And though they're no longer together, they're still really good friends. Aww! Doesn't that just make your heart melt?

Though clearly there are success stories, like my friend's,  I have to admit that I doubt I would ever partake in the Sadie Hawkins tradition on this day or any other. First of all, I am not that brave. My Latina spunk serves me in plenty of cases--like defending my friends or family or when dealing with a rude person (hello guy who tried to cut me in the Starbucks line this morning!). But, it definitely does not apply to guys. Maybe it's because I'm more of an old-fashioned gal. To me, it seems like women already do a lot of burden carrying in relationships, especially when much of society still believes we should get married, get pregnant, and have kids by a certain age. So personally, I think why not let the guy do the work in the early part of the relationship? I'd much rather leave them to sweat it out!

What do you think of this tradition? Would you ever ask a guy out?

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