OK, fine, maybe my wedding wasn't quite as fancy as Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's! What do you think, I can afford to charter private planes? Um, no. But I did get married on a gorgeous, sunny day on a beach in Puerto Rico. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, I have to say: It was! My wedding day was the most amazing day of my life and hands down the best experience I've ever had in my whole 31 and half years of existence on this planet. I felt an overwhelming awesomeness standing in front of my closest friends and family, exchanging vows with the love of the life.

I wasn't ever really one of those girls who dreamed about her wedding all the time as a child. I mean, I bought a used wedding dress because I just coudn't imagine spending thousands of dollars on a garment that I was going to wear once in my entire life.

The only thing I always knew I wanted was to get married on the beach, which meant only one thing: I would have to have a destination wedding.


Now, for most folks this might not be that big of a deal, but come on, let's be real--I'm Latina. Of course every single last member of my family wanted to be there and getting married on a Caribbean island was going to make this that much more difficult (even if it IS the same island my family is originally from). 

My decision and determination to have a destination wedding probably pissed people off. I got it, but I just didn't care. My hubby and I wanted to have as intimate a ceremony as possible so we actually weren't THAT worried about the fact that not every single person we'd ever met since we were kids would be able to make it.

So, imagine our surprise when we got almost 150 RSVP's telling us that, yes, they would be traveling all the way down to PR for our wedding? I was excited, but the hubby figured a ton of people would drop out as the date drew near.

Before we knew it, it was October 10, 2010 (yes, I am a cheeseball and got married on 10/10/10). Wouldn't you know that after we exchanged our vows, I looked out to see the 135 people I love most in the world gathered on a remote beach in southwestern Puerto Rico just to celebrate OUR love? Just thinking about it brings a tear to my eye, I was NOT expecting my wedding to be so magical.

The only real regret that I have was that my abuelita was unable to make it at the very last second because she got sick. I was super upset and so was she, but in the end, I got the most magical day of my life because of my decision to have a destination wedding.

I guess my advice to all of you lovely ladies would be: If you have a vision for your wedding, stick to it. Deep down, we all know what we really want--it just gets confused by everyone trying to tell us how things should be or are supposed to be. I missed my abuela like crazy and shed a few tears for her, but in the end I wouldn't have changed anything about how our wedding went down.

Would you ever have a destination wedding? 

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